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Adria Karting Raceway, Italy
5 - 9 October

This event is the final track time in international competition racing to end the season for some of the VPDR German team drivers before the all-important winter testing begins... and it's the ideal measure of what they need to work towards if European level races are within their sights for 2017.

However, the last six invitation tickets to participate at the ROTAX Max Challenge Grand Finals at the famous International Circuit of Naples in Southern Italy make up part of the extensive list of prizes up for grabs for all the competitors at Adria. So, it's a nice event to conclude the season and perhaps pick up a few bonuses in turn.

For those of the VPDR team member who are on track at the ROTAX Open and have already qualified for the exciting world final showdown – Ferenc Kancsár (Rotax Max Euro Challenge) and Lukas Dunner (Central Eastern European RMC), the meeting is great preparation for what's in store and an opportunity to do some significant testing before they head further down the coast the following week.


Marius Rauer (GER) - ROTAX DD2
"For me, Adria was the best race this year so far. It was the first time that I have driven at this track so I didn't expect too much. But, after the start of practice, I was just 0.4 seconds behind my team-mate Ferenc, so it was not so bad. :) In the end, my best practice time was 49.7 and I was really happy not to be too far off the pace to begin with."

"Qualifying was not the ultimate session, as I did so many mistakes to only be on p14.The heat races were okay and my ranking overall was p12 to start the pre-final beside Ferenc. The pre-final was a little bit wet, but all with everyone on slick tyres it was the same for all drivers in these conditions. I was on p4 after 3 laps, but couldn't hold it; so I fell back to 6th. However, this was a good result. So I was really excited to start on row 3 in the final and stayed on p5 for 8 laps before dropping to 9th by the finish. It was a positive weekend for me overall!" :)

Glenn Rupp (GER) - SENIOR MAX
"The practice was really good on Wednesday. We found a good set-up and could go the speed of the front-runners. On Thursday, I started to struggle with the pace as soon the grip was there. We worked harder than the day before to find something that we might have the speed of the day before. We changed the complete set-up for the qualifying that was a risk because we didn't know if this will work out for us. In the end, we finished P24 in the qualifying which was not our goal."

"The heats went well; we could gain some positions. Our starting position for the pre final was 17th. Just before our pre-final began, it started to rain so everybody was changing to wet tyres. I never drove in Adria in the rain before, so I was a bit nervous. The start of the pre-final was really good; I went up to p9 and I was moving forward. In the middle of the race I into 7th, but the track was getting dry again and we lost some speed because the pressure was too high. We finished 9th at the flag. Then, because of the new bumper system I got a 5 second penalty.

"Starting the final in 12, I was 8th and could keep the speed of the drivers at the front. I made a mistake and lost some time plus a few positions. Unfortunately, I had a crash with and could not finish the race.

"I was happy with the way that the weekend started and finally, that we knew we had the speed plus learned a lot. Thanks to my dad who makes everything possible and VPDR for the good equipment and help. Also want to thank my mechanic for 'no technical defects' and a really good setup."

Dennis Siemens (GER) - Junior Max
"I am not satisfied because I was not fast enough to gain places. I thought it would be easier to drive to the front. I have to learn 'racing'! The track conditions were very difficult for me because there was so much grip, but I think that I need to drive at this track more often and I need to practice every weekend."


- Ferenc Kancsár (HUN) - 6th
- Marius Rauer (GER) - 11th

- Glenn Rupp (GER) - 27th

- Lukas Dunner (AUT) - 4th
- Dennis Siemens (GER) - 23rd

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Photo credits - Alex Vernardis & Loredana Ivancov / The Racebox